India accuses Pakistan of stopping postal mail service

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India has accused Pakistan of unilaterally stopping the postal mail service between the two countries in the aftermath of India’s Article 370 move in occupied Kashmir.

“Pakistan’s decision is directly in contravention of international postal union norms. But Pakistan is Pakistan,” Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

No notice was given to India, which goes against the international postal union norms, the minister said.

His remarks come a day after India resorted to unprovoked ceasefire violations in Azad Kashmir, resulting in death of five civilians and one Pakistani soldier.

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Pakistan army slammed Indian claim of targeting terror launch pads, saying it was willing to take Indian and P5 diplomats to the areas affected by Indian shelling.

According to a report published in The Indian Express, the last mail Pakistan accepted from India was on August 27. Since then all documents have been put “on hold”. This is the first time that the neighbouring country took such a decision in the long history of India and Pakistan, which involves Partition, three wars and the on-and-off tension.

There are 28 Foreign Post Offices across the country which deal with international consignments. But only Delhi and Mumbai FPOs handle postal mails to and from Pakistan.