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McDonald’s Is Introducing A Plant-Based Burger

McDonald’s has finally decided to introduce its first plant-based burger. The world-renowned fast food company will test run the plant, lettuce, and tomato burger for 12 weeks in 28 restaurants in South-Western Ontario.

4 Essentials Of Pashtun Culture

As #PahtunCultureDay trends on social media, note that fascinating poetry, world-famous cricketers and beautifully choreographed dances are part of their heritage. 

The Rise Of The Flies (In Karachi)

If you live in Karachi, you know what we’re talking about. The city has become over-infested with flies. Lots and lots (and lots) of buzzing, sinister palm-rubbing and swat-escaping makhiyan. No matter what the reason, one thing is for…

HILARIOUS: Steve Jobs found sitting at Boat Basin

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away at age 56, battling pancreatic cancer. A recent picture of Steve Jobs' doppelganger sitting on a plastic chair at a roadside bistro started making rounds on social media. Netizens are assuming…