Everything looks bleak: Maryam Nawaz slams ‘jaali’ govt

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ISLAMABAD: Maryam Nawaz took a dig at the PTI government on Thursday after the Pakistani currency slumped to a new record low of 148 against the US dollar.

“Asia’s worst performing currency & worst performing stock exchange. Quite a dramatic fall from grace & glory under MNS when rupee was stable & Stock Market was one of the best performing in the world,” Maryam tweeted shortly after her meeting with the jailed PML-N leader.

“If anyone had any doubt about Naya Pakistan – no need to go further than the daily bloodbath at the stock market & the battering of our rupee in the currency market,” she wrote.

Maruam, who was recently named as the PML-N Vice President, said people have been crushed under the weight of rising prices, increasing gas and electricity bill, joblessness and shrinking income.

“Strongly feel for the masses for the misery brought about by jaali government in the last 9 months. People have been crushed under the weight of rising prices, increasing gas & electricity bills, joblessness & shrinking incomes. Everything looks bleak. #BringBackNawazSharif”

“As if Pak Rupee freefall was not ironic enough, people put in place to control it are those who’ve been imported recently to devalue the currency and decrease our GDP growth. The impact of today’s devaluation- only the foreign debt has gone up by Rs666 billion,” she added.