9 times Imran Khan felt extremely shy

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Pirme Minister Imran Khan, though a public personality since the past three four decades, is shy by nature (according to his own admission as well).

The cricketer-turned-politician has been appearing on TV shows and public events ever since he started playing the game.

Here are 10 instances were we think Prime Minister Imran Khan felt extremely shy. Notice how he smiles or reacts when called upon to dance by actors Moin Akhtar and Vinod Khanna or simply when he was seated beside an extremely witty Babra Sharif.
Here goes:-

1. When he was asked to dance by Vinod Khanna

While he can hardly resist Vinod Khanna’s request to shake a leg, Imran Khan refuses Moin Akhtar quite angrily.

2. When he was seated beside Babra Sharif

If seated beside Babra Sharif, whose witty replies were enough to make him uncomfortable, wasn’t enough, Khan also had to deal with an extremely humorous Moin Akhtar. Poor Khan.

3. When he was questioned about his playboy lifestyle on Awam ki Adalat

The Indian host seemed rather crude and brash in asking Khan about his cricketing days and those that particularly dealt with his ‘off the field’ antics.

This is how he replied. Notice his awkward laugh.

4. When he was questioned about his past girlfriends

Fresh after retiring, Khan was quizzed by a British journalist about his affairs with various women. Notice how he laughs and tries to evade the questions at first but then gives in and sheds some light about the various women he went out with.

5. When he set out to build Naya Pakistan–a little bit for the public but mostly for himself

Not one to joke often about his private affairs, Khan seemed quite embarrassed after he shared his own interest in making a Naya Pakistan ASAP.

6. Fast forward to 2018–Khan has won the general elections

Notice how awkward he feels in the Sherwani, receiving the guard of honour.

“When will this ceremony end,”it seems Khan is saying to himself.

7. When the Malaysian First Lady asked to hold his hand

Even Khan’s critics and detractors thought this was really cute.

8. That time when he talked about katta

While Khan was delving deep into how he could help the impoverished class with animals, he uttered the word katta which led to the august gathering laughing.

Khan felt shy and gave in, laughing himself.

9. That time when a girl asked to shake his hand

Witness it yourself. That part in the video comes from 12: 48-13:06