Jahangir Tareen condemns Farhan Virk’s campaign against Asad Umar

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ISLAMABAD: PTI leader Jahangir Khan Tareen on Sunday condemned a social media campaign against former Finance Minister Asad Umar

Taking to Twitter, Tareen said he holds Asad Uamr in the highest regard.

He also condemned Farhan Virk, a pro-PTI social media activist, notorious for setting up fake Twitter accounts to target opposition parties, journalists and politicians.

Some activists suspect that Virk was a paid member of Jahangir Tareen’s social media team.

Virk, however, denied the allegations, saying he was doing it voluntarily.

“I vehemently condemn Farhan Virk’s campaign against Asad Umar. Asad & I have struggled together against the status-quo for more than 8 years & I hold him in the highest regard. Asad continues to be part and parcel of PTI senior leadership and we all value his role,” Tareen said.

His tweet came a day after Virk posted a series of video statements on Twitter and other social media platforms, criticizing Asad Umar.

The former finance minister stepped down on Thursday after being asked to accept the portfolio of energy ministry.