Ramiz Raja slams Misbah for selecting Musa, Nasim for tough Australia tour

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Former Pakistan cricketer-cum-commentator Ramiz Raja has expressed his displeasure over the bowling lineup selected for the upcoming two-match Test series against Australia.

While sharing his views on his Youtube channel, Raja said “Although Musa Khan and Nasim Shah have potential, but they are only 18 year old and have never toured Australia.”

“On what basis have you selected two 18-year-olds thinking they will become world beaters when they don’t know what line and length to bowl in Australia,” questioned Raja.

“You can give chance to one young bowler but you can’t base your entire attack on them. It is understandable to give chances to youngsters in T20s, but you can’t take such big risks in Test cricket,” he added.

Raja wasn’t optimistic about Pakistan’s chances in the Test series against Australia.

“We should have gone with the intention to win in Australia rather than just to give them a fight,” he said.