My resignation is not an issue, says Sheikh Rashid

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MULTAN: Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, said on Thursday that his resignation wasn’t an issue and that a pending inquiry would determine that.

Speaking to media in Multan, the federal minister said that Prime Minister Khan had ordered an inquiry into the Tezgam train fire incident.

The train had caught fire in Rahim Yar District after two cylinders reportedly exploded. The federal minister earned the ire of the public after he blamed the incident on passengers for cooking breakfast on gas cylinders.

“Those who are calling for my resignation need to wait for Sunday,” he said. “Prime Minister Khan has ordered an inquiry into the train accident.”

Rashid said that the train had caught fire because people were using canisters and not because of the negligence of the railways ministry.

“Least number of railway accidents have happened in my tenure but today’s incident happened when the canister and stoves people were using exploded,” he said in response to a question.