Pakistan welcomes landmark Riyadh agreement: PM

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RIYADH: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday welcomed the Riyadh agreement, terming it crucial for duration peace and security in region.

Taking to Twitter, PM Khan said Pakistan welcomes the conclusion of the landmark Riyadh Agreement, as a result of the initiative taken by the Saudi leadership and support by UAE Government.

“We believe it is a crucial and important step forward towards a political solution and durable peace & security in Yemen,” the premier said.

Yesterday, Yemen’s internationally recognised government signed a power-sharing deal with southern separatists, in a Saudi-brokered initiative to end a conflict simmering within the country’s civil war.

Unrest in the south, which saw secessionist forces seize control of Yemen’s interim capital Aden, distracted the Saudi-led coalition from its battle against Iran-backed Huthi rebels and raised fears the country could fall apart entirely.

The so-called Riyadh agreement, hailed as a stepping stone towards ending the wider conflict, would see the government’s return to Aden and the formation of a new cabinet of 24 ministers with equal representation for southerners including the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The agreement, seen by AFP, would also place armed forces from both sides under the authority of the defence and interior ministries.

“This agreement will open a new period of stability in Yemen. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands with you,” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said at a signing ceremony in Riyadh aired on state television.

The deal also drew praise from US President Donald Trump, who tweeted: “A very good start! Please all work hard to get a final deal.”