Smog engulfs Lahore, makes life difficult for citizens

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LAHORE: A thick, black smog engulfed the city on Wednesday night, making life difficult for citizens who complained about suffering from sore throat and watery eyes.

Around 09:00 PM on Wednesday night, affecting citizens’ health who complained about sore throat, burning eyes etc.

Experts claimed that the smog in the city has been caused predominantly by car fumes, industrial emissions, smoke coming out of hundreds of brick kilns around the city, burning of rubbish and crop residue in nearby fields, and dust flying from the building sites.

Television reports claimed that the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the city’s posh Zaman Park—famous for being a ‘clean and green area’—was recorded at 640. Level 300 is considered hazardous air.

Hence, if the AQI at Zaman Park was recorded at 640 then one can only assume what the air quality in other places where there is less vegetation and more congestion, would be like.

A report in Geo TV claimed that owing to the dust storm and the prevalent smog, it became extremely uncomfortable for drivers to drive their cars.