Cyclone Maha 557 kilometres from Karachi

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Cyclone Maha is 557 kilometres southwest of Karachi, according to Pakistan’s morning reports. The reports state that Karachi is not under direct threat of the cyclone.

However, the Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) has issued a public notice urging people to stay out of the water.

The notice also urges fishermen to avoid the water till Thursday, as the cyclone is heading towards Gujrat, India.

India’s weather authorities have issued a cyclone alert, with educational institutions on the Gujrat coastline having been closed for least 3 days.

“The very severe cyclonic storm Maha moved eastwards with a speed of 21 km/h during the past six hours. It is very likely to cross the Gujarat coast around Diu as a Cyclonic Storm with a maximum sustained wind speed of 70-80 Kmph gusting to 90 km/h around noon of November 7,” India’s weather report stated today.