Climate Change Ministry, IUCN discuss plan to deal with Asia’s environment issues

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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Climate Change joined the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Pakistan at a regional conservation forum to discuss how Asian countries can work together to deal with the region’s environmental issues.

The three-day conference titled 7th IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 6, where he stressed that Pakistan was afflicted with serious environmental conservation and climate change challenges.

“Tackling climate change risks is included in the key priorities of the present government,” the prime minister addressed the forum held in the federal capital.

PM Imran Khan stressed that there was a dire need to pursue effective policies aimed at conserving natural resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

PM Khan noted that decision-makers and the influential lived in cities, as a result, they were unaware of the terms of environment and diversity in the rural areas of Pakistan.

He urged that matters of environmental issues must be equally focused in rural areas, where the population needs to be educated on diversity issues and conservation of rivers and mountains.

More than 400 representatives of the government, NGOs and the business sector from across Asia shared best practices and made decisions on a joint programme of action to improve the management of the natural environment for human, social and economic development in their respective countries.

Prime Minister’s Advisor on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said, “With many Asian economies relying on ecosystem services, there is an urgent need to conserve the region’s rich biological resources.”

He urged that the community, particularly youth and women, should engage in promoting the cause of environmental protection.

IUCN Acting Director-General, Grethel Aguilar also raised the alarm that Asia should act now for environmental conservation.