PM Khan blames Sindh govt for Karachi woes

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KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that it is a responsibility of the Sindh government to address problems being faced in Karachi.

The PM was talking to his party’s member of the Sindh Assembly in Karachi.

“Although Karachi is mainly the responsibility of Sindh government, we are also contributing from own resources in view of public welfare,” Khan told the lawmakers.

The federal government is fully aware of water, transport, waste management and other issues being faced by the residents of Karachi, he said.

PM Khan said that Karachi was an economic hub of Pakistan and it was unfortunate that the city was ignored in the past.

He said his government had inherited the current account deficit of the history, but now economic situation has improved a lot.

He said the poor economic condition of Sindh was due to corruption.