PM inaugurates China Hub Power Plant

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government will facilitate joint collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese businesses in various sectors.

Addressing inaugural ceremony of China Hub Power Generation Plant in Balochistan on Monday, he said this is the first joint project under China Pakistan Economic Corridor and “we want to see the pattern in future too.”

He said a large number of Chinese business corporations are interested in investing in different sectors of the economy.

PM Khan said the government is moving towards the second phase of CPEC and it has established CPEC Authority to facilitate the projects under the program.

The Prime Minister said during his recent visit to China, the Chinese President and Prime Minister expressed interest to give momentum to CPEC projects.

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Imran Khan said government is committed to increase ease of doing business in the country to attract foreign investment. He said red tapism and undue hurdles in the way of business are being removed.

Imran Khan said Balochistan is the province that is full of rich mineral deposits. He said during his visit to the US chairman of company previously working on Rekodik project informed him that Pakistan has one of the largest and finest quality gold reserves in the world. Chairman said they are still interested in working on the reserves as they believe that incumbent government of Pakistan is free of corruption. In past, a small group of people plundered the national wealth and filled their pockets.