Have nothing to lose now, will reveal details if ‘he’ pushes me: Jami

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Pakistani filmmaker Jami said in a recent tweet that if he was ‘pushed’ he would expose the details of his rape and the person guilty of the crime since now he had ‘nothing to lose’.

Taking to Twitter, Jami said that the person who raped him (he refrained from naming him still) could easily push him around. However, the filmmaker had a dire warning for him.

“Its simple if they push me around which he can easily then he should know that ive nothing to lose now. I will spill moment to moment detail of that day. Lunch with his Mother, to doping, to brutal details of his ring cutting me from inside, to his elbow on my neck pushed hard,” he tweeted.

He further continued the tweet, claiming that he had cried that night and screamed in his car on Marriot road.
“To keep saying afterwards to admit that i enjoyed it, to sitting in my car screaming crying in middle of marriot road and other details which r etched on my DNA now. I dont give up remember that. I never give up! Had enough! #metoo,” he tweeted.

Jami had come out with his #MeToo moment on Monday, claiming that a media tycoon had raped him. He refused to name the rapist and instead, chose to drop a few hints about the identity of the person.

Jami said that the man who had raped him was not taller than him and had been instrumental in launching books and museum. The filmmaker had said that he was raped 13 years ago.