Yasir Hussain makes fun of Saheefa Jabbar’s weight

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Pakistani actor and comedian Yasir Hussain made fun of Saheefa Jabbar’s weight in an Instagram post from a few days ago.

Saheefa and Yasir are good friends. Fans of the two are quite well aware of their equation with one another as their always taking digs at one another on social media.

Another such thing happened recently when Saheefa took a jab at Yasir. Saheefa made fun of the actor’s weight when she commented on an Instagram picture he posted with his fiance Iqra Aziz.

“Apke bag ka wazan bhi toh thoda sa barha hai bhai,” commented Saheefa on Yasir’s picture.

Not to be outdone, Yasir commented on a picture that Saheefa posted on Instagram as well. The picture is from a couple of years ago in which she looks younger.

“Jee aur maine picture may dekha ap ke mu ka bhi wazan barha hai. Wapas anay de mujhay zara,” Yasir shot back at Saheefa.

Yasir and Iqra, according to media reports, will be seen together in the upcoming film ‘Half Fry’. While Yasir has confirmed that he is available for the project, Iqra has yet to confirm the rumours.