War should never happen between Iran, Saudi Arabia: Imran Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia will cause poverty in the world. 

Addressing a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: “Mr. President, main reason I came over with my delegation is that we do not want conflict in region. Pakistan suffered 70K casualties in last 15 years in war of terror. Afghanistan is still suffering, terrible devastation taking place in Syria.”

Khan said that Pakistan doesn’t want to see another terrible conflicting taking place in this region.

“Mr. President, Iran is our neighbor, ties with Iran go long way back. Saudia Arabia has also been one of our closest friends. Saudia Arabia has helped us when we have been in need and so the reason for this trip is we do not want a conflict between Saudi Arabia & Iran. We recognize that this is a complex issue. But we feel that this can be resolved through dialogue.”

Khan said that the war should never happen between the two countries.

“Oil prices will go up, money that should be spent on human beings will end up in buying expensive oil. It will create poverty. So not just from Pakistan’s point of view but from point of view of all developing countries, whatever it takes, we must not allow this.”

Khan clarified that it was purely Pakistan’s initiative encourage dialogue between the two Islamic countries.

“This trip and trip I will take on Tuesday to Saudi Arabia, I want to stress, is purely a Pakistan’s initiative. This initiative has been taken by us, we haven’t been asked by anyone to do this.”

“And I repeat because this is imperative that we do not allow this conflict to take place because, I again repeat, that there is a vested interest that wants this to happen.

“I’ve been very encouraged talking to you Mr. President. I’m going with a very positive frame of mind to Saudia Arabia and we will act, I will repeat, not as a mediator but as a facilitator. We would like to facilitate the talks.”

“As you mentioned during our conversation in the past, Pakistan has hosted Saudi Arabia and Iran in Islamabad. We are again willing to do the same. We again want to facilitate our two brotherly country to iron out the differences.”

“I know, again, there are difficulties involved but whatever we can do to facilitate this dialogue so the sanctions are lifeted and the nuclear deal is signed between the two countries, again, whatever we can do, we will be happy to facilitate.”

“We have discussed issues involved and we recognize that Iran has certain issue about it. This is ongoing process & if we can help, we’re willing to facilitate in future. Thank you very much Mr. President. I look forward to meeting His eminence Ayatollah Khomeini.”