“Stop Fighting, Get To Work”: Asim Azhar’s Advice To Politicians

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Politicians have been squabbling and bickering for years over ideological and party differences, and Asim Azhar is tired of it.

The actor posted a few words of advice for them on Twitter, saying that instead of blaming each other for Pakistan’s failures, our politicians should actually put in work to improve it.

“The amount of energy & time our political figures put into defaming each other & talking about each other’s flaws, specially here on Twitter is baffling,” he said in a tweet.

“If only they could spend half of that on trying to fix our infrastructure..Kasam se mera mulk behtari ki raah par ajayega (our country would head towards prosperity).”

The actor is quite vocal when it comes to political debates. He praised Prime Minister Imran Khan for his speech at the United Nations General Assembly.