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Imagine a world where you could control your electrical appliances from anywhere in the world, monitor your appliances’ power consumption and make sure you know how much electricity your electronic devices are consuming–all with the tap of a finger? Sounds too good to be true, right?


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Entertaining guests is easy if you have time to prepare but what do you do when someone drops by unexpectedly? Well, I got into such a situation earlier this week. Some guests showed up suddenly and I had literally nothing to serve them. I immediately called the driver and asked him to get icecream and brownies because you can never go wrong with a dessert right? 😇 But thanks to Karachi’s weather and massive traffic jams, the driver came back with an icecream shake 🌞 . . I quickly popped the icecream in the refrigerator, hit the quick cool mode on my @dawlancepk Sync App and let it work it’s magic, while I spent a couple of more minutes with the guests. Day=Saved! Thanks to Dawlance’s new SYNC technology, I can now control my Dawlance SYNC Refrigerator from anywhere, without being physically present all the time. How cool is that?! . . What is that thing you wish you could control with just one button? For me it’s definitely the post-guest-cleaning 😭 . . #Dawlance #ReliableHai #blogthisout #SyncRefrigerator #DawlanceSync #QuickCool #SmartAppliances #Pakistan #blogthisout #karachibloggers #pakistanibloggers #karachistreetstyle #pakistanstreetstyle #metime #lifestylebloggers

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That’s all very much possible in this technological age, thanks to Dawlance’s new SYNC app. The mobile app (downloadable from Google Play store) ensures you can operate your Dawlance microwave, air conditioner and refrigerator from literally anywhere in the world! There are a few steps on how you go get the app working wonders for you but we’ll get into that later. However, here are some advantages of having control of these electrical appliances on your fingertips:-

  1. Be in-charge of your appliances on-the-go!

With SYNC, you’re never too busy not to pay attention to what’s going on in your home. Gone are the days when office work and duties get you so busy that you can’t find enough time on your hands to operate the microwave. The SYNC app ensures that convenience is at your doorstep–or rather, on the tips of your fingers.

  1. Keep track of your electricity budget

If you’re worried about your bills–electricity bills, to be specific–the SYNC app helps you out with that as well. Before pairing your device, punch in feed the app your monthly electricity budget. Afterwards, you can monitor it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This ensures you don’t go overboard with it and face budgetary woes later on. Problem solved!

  1. Distance is not a factor anymore

Worried about who’ll cook a hot meal for the family?

Well, distance is not a factor anymore. You have the microwave, the fridge and the A.C. at your disposal from anywhere in the world. Make use of it from thousands of miles away. Come home to a hot meal or chilled room in the sweltering heat–whichever you want!

  1. Keeps you more organized

These apps ensure you have more time on your hands and can focus on your job or other leisurely activities. So, aren’t we more organized now? You have all the details of your SYNC appliances with in your palm and you can control them easily.


  1. Refrigerator benefits

The fridge is also one of the devices that you can operate now from anywhere in the world, thanks to the SYNC app. If you want something frosted or chilled to the max in an instant, all you need to do is order the device to do the same.

One tap of the finger and your cooling is done for you. As is the case with all appliances, you can monitor the power consumption of your fridge and ensure it doesn’t go overboard. Interestingly, with the sync app now you can see if the door of your Refrigerator is opened by anyone so now you can keep your favorite dish safe from anyone.

  1. Air conditioner benefits

Air conditioners contribute the most to electricity bills. The SYNC app, like it does with the microwave and fridge ensures you’re updated on your usage of the device on hourly, weekly or the monthly basis as needed.

The app works non-stop with a wide voltage range support from 150V to 260V so voltage fluctuation is not an issue for Dawlance Designer Plus ac (SYNC Enabled)

  1. Become a better cook with your microwave!

Your microwave, much like your fridge and A.C, is at your disposal. If you want to come home to a hot meal, just command your microwave to heat your food with the tap of a finger. You can become a better cook as well, since the microwave comes with built-in recipes which you can use to monitor your cooking skills.

  1. Less hassles, more productivity

The SYNC app has enhanced your convergence with technology and taken it to a next level. More time on your hands means less hassles and more productivity. You can use the time you save to do a lot more. SYNC ensures you become more productive and more efficient.

  1. Getting rid of interdependence

If the kids are hungry at home and you’re at work, all you have to do is tap a button to prepare their meal. Or if someone left the A.C or the fridge door open and you feel that the power consumption is being wasted, you can turn the power on or off with a simple tap on your phone. No more mistakes, no more dependence!

Installing the app and pairing the devices

It’s quite a simple process and you must’ve followed the same process with apps like Chromecast etc. All you have to do is follow few simple steps. To pair Designer Plus (SYNC Enabled) Air Conditioner follow the below video while for further details regarding SYNC paring method and features subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit the website.

Note: Please keep in mind that your product (A.C, microwave or fridge) must be within the range of your home Wi-Fi so that you can operate it from anywhere in the world with 3G or 4G internet. (For Android)