PTI slams Modi media for ‘attacking Pakistan’s First Lady’

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ISLAMABAD: The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday lashed out at government-controlled India media for “attacking Pakistan’s First Lady.”

Modi government’s intolerance has infected Indian media too. Feeling defeated on their fascist narrative on #Kashmir, Modi’s media now turns to attacking Pakistan’s First Lady and dragging women into their power struggle,” the PTI tweeted.

The tweet came days after Indian media ran stories based on a fake screengrab, saying that Busha Bibi’s image doesn’t appear in mirrors.

Quoting an unnamed member of PM House staff, Indian news agency ANI said that Pakistan’s first lady’s face doesn’t appear in mirrors.

The claim was based on a forged screenshot of Capital TV.

Before heading to New York to lead Pakistan in the 47th UN General Assembly session, PM Khan performed Umrah with his wife. She was seen wearing burqa from head to toe.

The first lady is a faith leader and believed to have played an instrumental role in Imran Khan’s rise to power.

Speaking to media in Pakistan, PM had thanked his wife for the success of his address to the UN General Assembly.