Pakistan’s largest bookstore may be shutting down

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The largest bookstore in Pakistan is on the verge of the financial crisis on being burdened with heavy taxes and decline in the sale of published books across the country, a report stressed.

Shocked at the misfortune, book readers expressed their distress at the crumbling situation and emphasised on the importance of saving bookstores for future generations.

On Friday, notable figures, including New York Times correspondent Salman Masood and Rawalpindi-based journalist Shiraz Hasan, shared the reports of Saeed Book Bank shutting down.

Saeed Book Bank is a three-storied store in Islamabad and has books on a variety of subjects for sale. It was founded by Taj Muhammad Qureshi in 1932 in Peshawar but moved to Islamabad after militant threats, reports Arab publication Gulf News.

The rise in prices of importing books is another factor behind the closing of the bookstore, which occurred as a result of the trade situation with India over the past couple of months.

Book readers were saddened to discover the declining state of the city’s heritage and termed it a big loss to society.

Another netizen gave his perspective behind the downfall of the bookstore.