Media organization jointly reject govt’s plan to set up media tribunals

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ISLAMABAD: A joint meeting of media organizations including APNS, CPNE, PBA, and PFUJ (Burna, Dastoor, and Workers) has unanimously rejected the decision of the federal government to set up special media tribunals.

The meeting held in the federal capital was attended by heads of all the media organizations, where they expressed disagreement with the government’s plan to give formal shape to curb the media freedoms which would result in increased restrictions on media.

The joint meeting called upon the government to immediately withdraw the anti-media decision.

It was decided to take appropriate actions to protest and resist the move and a standing committee was formed comprising of the heads of the organizations to take further actions.

The meeting was attended by senior representatives of the media organizations including President APNS Hameed Haroon, President CPNE Arif Nizami, Chairman PBA Shakeel Masood, PFUJ (Burna) representative Mubarak Zeb, PFUJ (Dastoor) Nawaz Raza, and PFUJ (Workers) Pervez Shoukat.