Lahore college professor commits suicide after harassment allegations

In a note, the professor claims the allegations against him were false due to which his reputation was tarnished

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LAHORE: A professor at the Government MAO College took his life after he was accused of sexually harassing a student. In the note he left behind, the professor claims he was innocent.

Professor Muhammad Afzal from the Government MAO College in Lahore was accused of sexually harassing a female student. Two letters of the professor went viral on the internet—one in which he claims to leave the matter ‘in the court of Allah’ on October 9 and the other he wrote on October 8 to the enquiry officer who was investigating the scandal.

In the letter written to the enquiry officer, Afzal claims that the harassment allegations against him were false. He claims that the case against him had been closed but he feared the administration would re-open it any day.

He urges the administration in the letter to rusticate the student for allegedly leveling false allegations against him. Mr Afzal claims that his wife left him because of the harassment and because she considered him an ‘immoral person’.

Netizens started talking about the professor taking his own life and a debate ensued on harassment allegations on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the #MeToo movement.