PM Khan to visit China next week, hold talks on occupied Kashmir

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to head over to China for an official visit next week, according to a report, on Wednesday.

Khan will be visiting China a little more than a week after he made an effective speech at the United Nations. Khan highlighted the atrocities being committed by the Indian armed forces in occupied Kashmir and urged the world to act instead of appeasing Modi.

The report (published in The Express Tribune) claimed that Khan will hold talks with the Chinese leadership on recent developments with regard to occupied Kashmir.

The meeting between the two comes a few days before Chinese President Xi Jinping holds talks with Modi at an informal summit.

President Xi is expected to urge the Indian prime minister during their meeting to lift restrictions on occupied Kashmir. China, who has its own dispute with India with regard to the Ladakh region, opposed India’s Article 370 move by claiming that it ‘undermined’ China’s territorial sovereignty.

During his meeting with the Chinese leadership, Khan is expected to renew his pledge to work on the Belt and Road initiative.

The Chinese had apprehensions about Pakistan’s commitment to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) after Khan;s visit to the United States in July where, according to media reports, the US leadership had expressed its reservations with Islamabad over the project.

Khan is likely to convey to the Chinese leadership that Islamabad considers CPEC vital for its economic growth and prosperity.

China-Pakistan Business Forum will also host the prime minister for talks on Pakistan-China commercial ties and trade.