Kate Middleton spotted wearing earrings from Pakistani brand

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While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton await their royal tour to Pakistan, Middleton has already begun embracing Pakistani culture.

During her visit to the Agha Khan Centre in London, the Duchess was spotted wearing a pair of ceramic drop earrings from a Pakistani brand Zeen to compliment her deep green dress.

The brand, managed by Cambridge, started five years ago.

“[Kate] represents and always opts to wear affordable and stylish apparel or accessories that are within everyone’s reach, so we’re assuming our accessories suited her style, she liked our affordable price points and at the same time [it] represents something from Pakistan,” a spokesperson for Zeen told Image.

She also clarified that the earrings were likely chosen by the Duchess’ stylist. “It’s nice to know that our website is reaching an international audience,” the spokesperson added.

Zeen is run by directors and sister-duo Sadaf Saya and Aisha Naviwala.

The royal couple is set to visit Pakistan for a Royal tour on October 14, which will wrap up on October 18.

They’re expecting to try out different dishes in the country. The Duchess revealed that she often cooks a special curry at home, and typically makes a mild version for their kids and a spicier one for her and William.