Jacqueline Fernandez ‘first female celebrity’ who features in Saudi Ad

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Saudi Arabia has been spontaneously moving towards advancements by raising the status of women and relaxing social restrictions on them.

In a recent development, Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandez became the first female celebrity to appear in a Saudi ad campaign.

The Bollywood actress made it to an advertisement displayed at the Saudi Kosrae International Airport (KSA), and shared the exciting news on Instagram in which she shared images of her look in the campaign called ‘Hala KSA’.

Fernandez believes growing up in the Middle East has shaped her personality.

“Growing up in the Arab culture, understanding their traditions (and) their culture is extremely, extremely beautiful and intricate,” she told Arab News.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been swiftly moving forward to transform its economy in unprecedented moves such as issuing Saudi passport to any female citizen who applies for it, lifting the ban on female drivers and allowing unmarried foreign men and women to share hotel rooms.