Grasshoppers have replaced ‘frogs’ as the latest Pakistani delicacy

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Recently, various Lahore-based restaurants were discovered serving frog meat, and it seems this trend is being replaced by another type of green animal: grasshoppers.

Due to the recent barrage of rains, grasshoppers have been popping up all over Pakistan, especially in Sindh. Now, various restaurants have started preparing, cooking, and serving these green insects in restaurants all over Sindh.

Usually, the grasshopper’s legs and back are separated and sundried, after which it is served with biryani and fries.

While eating grasshoppers does not sound like a very appetising experience, studies have shown that grasshoppers provide high amounts of Vitamin A, B and C, protein, fibre, magnesium, and zinc. They also greatly reduce people’s chances of getting diseases such as Salmonella.