These ‘young actors’ can’t act, they are showpieces: Firdous Jamal

Firdous Jamal has once again ignited controversy by taking a shot at the actors of today

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Veteran actor Firdous Jamal has once again courted controversy, this time by taking a shot at the actors of today’s generation by claiming that they were ‘showpieces’.

Not long ago, Firdous Jamal was in the spotlight and for all the wrong reasons. The actor had opined about Mahira Khan, claiming that she could not act and should instead focus on playing the role of a mother in drama serials.

Following his criticism, HUM TV’s Momina Duraid banned Jamal after which a fresh controversy ensued. The industry stood divided as many actors and actresses then sided with Jamal.

Recently, Jamal was asked by a host about the actors and actresses nowadays. He was asked as to whom he considered the bright performer or impressive actor of today.

“No one,” he said. “You see, the thing is–these people are not actors. They are showpieces. They don’t have the awareness of what acting really is,” he added.

He likened the young actors of today to the dummies that are used in clothing stores.

“Everyday, the store’s staff changes their looks,” he said. “Someone changes their hair colour, someone alters their wig. Unfortunately, that is the situation with the actors of today.”

When asked about Imran Ashraf’s impressive performance as ‘Bhola’ from ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’, Jamal said:-

“He acted that role. It was pretentious, it wasn’t behaving. There are many actors who have essayed this role before him. They behaved this role. The unfortunate bit is, you haven’t watched many impressive performances.”

We’re not sure how Imran Ashraf or other actors of the industry will respond to Jamal’s statements. Will any ‘young actor’ respond to the statement? Will Imran? Do let us know in the comments section.