Edhi to launch TNR drive for stray dogs across Sindh & Punjab

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Amid arguments whether the killing of stray dogs would reduce various threats, Edhi foundation is set to launch its ‘trap, neuter, return’ campaign for stray dogs across Sindh and Punjab.

Across the globe stray dogs are vaccinated rather than being poisoned. Moreover, to reduce the over-population of animals, they are neutered to ensure so they cannot reproduce.

In this regard, Edhi’s Animal TNR Vehicle will be set out on a patrol across the provinces to neuter and vaccinate the animals.

The TNR drive will daily neutralize and vaccinate more than a hundred stray dogs, the campaigners ‘Save Our Strays Pakistan’ wrote in a post on social media.

Collars will also be put on the vaccinated animals so they can be identified. The campaigners went on to add that the service will be completely free of cost.