Bushra Ansari is being unfairly shamed for wearing a dress abroad

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Renowned actor Bushra Ansari recently went to Houston for the 7th Hum Awards and had a picture taken with Ahmed Butt. In this picture, she was wearing a somewhat form-fitting dress till her knees, with long boots.

It has always been an unfortunate reality that celebrities are forced to face countless criticisms for things that are their personal choices and do not concern the public, and women’s fashion choices are under scrutiny constantly in the media, particularly Pakistani media.

So, of course, the conservative half of Pakistani social media started immediately criticising and shaming Bushra Ansari for not only her fashion choice but her age, saying that she was too old to dress in such a way.


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Bushra Ansari and Ahmed Ali Butt in Houston for Hum Awards. #BushraAnsari #AhmedAliButt #HumAwards #7HumAwards

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People do not owe the public anything in regards to how they live their lives and should be allowed to wear and do whatever they want without people who don’t even know them personally commenting on their life choices.

Bushra Ansari looked beautiful and was having an enjoyable time at the Hum Awards 2019, and we are (and, for the haters, should be) happy for her.