British couple finds sea shell that resembles Osama Bin Ladin

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A British woman came across a seashell that bears an uncanny resemblance to former Al-Qaida chief Osama Bin Ladin during a stroll on the Winchelsea Beach in East Sussex, England.

Debra Oliver, 60, said she was drawn to the curiously shaped shell as she spotted it while walking on the seaside with husband Martin on her 42nd wedding anniversary, earlier this Wednesday.

“It’s not that often you find a seashell that looks like anyone at all, so finding Osama bin Laden was amazing,” Oliver told the Daily Mail.

“When I looked at it properly up close, I thought it looked like Jesus. I then saw a turban on the top and realized who was staring up at me in the palm of my hand — Osama bin Laden. Funny that — as he was buried at sea too,” she noted.

The daily publication added that the British woman has saved the sea-shell as a memento from her trip, and is even seen in a picture holding the item in her hand.

Laden was formerly the ‘most-wanted’ man in the world, who was killed by the US military in May 2011 and buried at sea.