Bilawal questions Rangers’ interference in Larkana by-election

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KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari questioned the impartiality of Rangers in a by-election being held in PS-11, Larkana.

“If rangers have been deployed for safety why are they interfering in the polling process, checking voter slips, harassing voters, agents and candidates?” Bilawal tweeted.

The PPP chief’s comments amid allegations that Rangers were harassing PPP candidates and workers.


“The same election commission that unnecessarily deploys military troops inside every polling station wants to stop elected representatives from visiting constituency on polling day. This is a blatant attempt to deprive PPP of an equal playing field. only way to supervise.”

“And counter rigging attempts by the establishment is for elected members to to carry out their democratic & constitutional rights. Any unconstitutional and illegal dictation must be resisted by democratic forces.”

According to the PPP, their candidate Jameel Soomro was stopped by Rangers to visit polling stations.

Although Soomro is still favourite to clinch the seat, a strong contest is being expected from the PTI.