Akcent, DG ISPR tweets about another concert and fantastic tea are all you need to see

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After Britain’s Duke and Duchess joyous visit to Pakistan, the country has yet another guest to greet.
It’s none other than Akcent.

Since the Romanian pop band never fails to surprise the Pakistani folks with a visit every now and then, the year has called for another concert… and a cup of fantastic tea for the boyband.

Akcent had caused some burns to the neighbouring country after it extended an Independence Day greeting with the catchphrase.

Akcent has announced another Pakistan tour and this time the band is heading to Lahore! A cherry on top, the singer said he’s aiming for that fantastic cup of tea.

Taking from there, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor also responded in affirmative.

The exchange surely wasn’t well received from across the border and some even called for a boycott.