Ziauddin University observes Defense Day in solidarity with Kashmiris

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KARACHI: Ziauddin University expressed its sympathy for the Kashmiri brethren as it observed Pakistan Defense Day and Martyrs Day on Friday.

The varsity paid homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives protecting the country and demonstrate unity with the Kashmiris in their struggle for right of self-determination.

Speaking at the occasion, Ziauddin University Pro-Chancellor Dr. Nida Hussain commended the Pakistan army for developing the best tactics with the current scarce resources and said the Pakistani army has excelled as the best military in the world in this regard.

“The spirit of martyrdom in our army does not exist in any other army in the world. The Pakistani army prefers to embrace martyrdom rather than fear death,” Dr. Hussain said.

Speaking next, vice-chancellor of the varsity Dr. Pirzada Qasim paid tribute to the martyrs of the country and extended his regards for the unprecedented sacrifices of the military personnel and their setting the example of enthusiasm and courage by defeating the enemy during the 1965 war.

We must remember that Pakistan is considered as the most distinguished and superior force in terms of its professional capabilities worldwide.

He urged that students must be aware of the diligence of our army and should know about the sacrifices of those who migrated to Pakistan on the day of Independence.

He said that today, on the occasion of Defense and Solidarity Kashmir, we also want to tell the world that we are standing with our Kashmiri brothers at this difficult moment.