Ziauddin University Examination Board observes World Literacy Day

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Ziauddin University Examination Board held a seminar on the theme of World Literacy and Teaching, addressing a large number of teachers and students of educational institutions affiliated to the board.

Speaking at the occasion, Board Executive Director Prof. Anwar Ahmed Zai emphasized on the significance of education and its value in the religious sense.

“The teaching of the Quran and the message it carries should be adopted without any distortion, whereas the word from which the Qur’an begins is ‘Iqra’. That is to read,” Prof. Zai said as he addressed the gathering at Azeez Millat High School in Orangi.

“In this sense, the promotion of education on World Literacy holds the status of worship for us,” he said.

He also announced that the schools and colleges who were prominent in the ninth and 11th grade examination held under the board must be honoured with shields.