Veena Malik totally owned Adnan Sami with this taunt…

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Veena Malik, prominent face from Pakistani showbiz, took a jibe at Adnan Sami on Wednesday after Indian authorities imposed a fine worth INR5 million for purchasing flats as a Pakistani.

In a tweet, the actress can be seen trolling Sami sarcastically for another service to Pakistan.

“Another remarkable sacrifice in the line of duty! Respect Major #adnansami,” Veena wrote.

Indian singer Adnan Sami Khan, who is known for his anti-Pakistan views, was fined heavily on Tuesday for violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

According to FEMA, Adnan Sami has been fined for purchasing eight flats in Mumbai in 2003. The singer had bought the properties when he was a Pakistani national and not done so without the permission of the Reserve Bank of India.

The tribunal also noted that after buying the flats, Sami had filed for Indian citizenship and was issued a certificate of naturalisation on January 1, 2016.

The fine is ironic in the sense that the singer, who hails from Pakistan, opted to give up the green passport to become an Indian citizen and has since then, been quite anti-Pakistan.

Sami has taken on Pakistanis on Twitter and sided with India in recent times. The singer had backed India when the two nuclear-armed neighbours almost went to war in February of this year, after Pakistan shot down two IAF jets for intruding into its airspace and captured an Indian pilot.