The internet thinks Tupac Shakur is still alive after a recent viral clip

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Rapper, producer, and social activist Tupac Shakur is alive and well–according to conspiracy theorists, that is. A new image emerged showing a man identical to Shakur playing with children.

It has been 23 years since the Godfather of Gangsta rap–Tupac Shakur–was shot dead at a busy street in Los Angeles.

Though it has been more than two decades since the influential rapper was shot dead after a Mike Tyson fight at a busy signal, rumours and alleged sightings have always haunted the internet.

Another image doing the rounds on the internet features an African-American male playing with three children. The man bears a stark resemblance to Tupac–his beard and head is shaped exactly like that of the slain rapper and actor.

The picture was publicised by YouTube channel Wired Up TV, which describes itself as “the most talked-about Tupac Alive channel in the world”.