The soft faces behind the Auratnaak Show: Basic Behenein

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The Aurtainaak Show wouldn’t let you go with a blank mind as we speak of standup comedy. When one speaks of Basic Behnain, man, the squad has got substance.

Basic Behnain raised the curtains on some of their new members including Sahar Habib Ghazi, Aneeqa Khan, and Sara Kazi– as people who put their trust in Faiza Saleem’s humor gathered to hear out the mad hatters at Thotspot on Saturday night.

Auratnaak is Pakistan’s leading all-women comedy training and performing movement with active groups in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Let’s begin with the new faces.

Sahar Habib Ghazi

Sahar acquaints the crowd with the post-marriage and post-first-baby inquiries some concerned aunties would bombard a married woman with. You don’t even need to worry about finding a good fertility doctor.

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Sahar Habib Ghazi lost her profession to WhatsApp forwards. She has made many people sad, angry, and enraged in her 15 years as a journalist—producing, reporting or editing—for Global Voices, DawnNews, Geo, and the New York Times. Now she wants to make people laugh at the absurdity of it all. Sahar recently moved back to Karachi from San Francisco with her daughter and husband. This is her third time moving from the US to Pakistan and she’s searching for a therapist to help unpack her addiction to repeated trauma.

Aneeqa Khan
Uncles are the new aunties, Aneeqa feels strongly. In Aneeqa Khan’s ideal world, gender ‘stereotypes’ shouldn’t exist – women can do almost everything! By profession, Aneeqa works in the international development sector and has had the opportunity to work across different regions in the world. 

Sara Kazi

Sara Kazi turned 30 this year surrounded by no one she loves or cares deeply for. Sara’s actually really nice and spends much of her time telling people that. 

We learned that her dislikes are pretty simple — coming across skinny women at the gym. With her love for food and fitness altogether, Kazi opts for Gymkhana and life couldn’t get better. No one wants to lose weight and there’s all the freedom to munch some fries.

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Let’s get to know the original members as well!

Faiza Saleem

Let’s admit it, putting time, patience or money to hear out new comedians can be scary. However, a good host can undo some damage. Faiza Saleem doesn’t just get her sweet time as a celebrity comedian but this woman can actually give you funny bones. So the evening went without regrets, having the award-winning comedian to host the all-women comedy show.

Faiza Saleem is a lawyer turned comedienne based in Karachi. She is Pakistan’s first female social media entertainer and also the first woman of her generation to pursue standup comedy in the country. Moreover, Faiza has created and trained the subcontinent’s first all-female comedy troupe, The Khawatoons.  Of late, she has been doing comedy on TV and film and is making her mark on every platform.


Sana Khan Niazi

Sana Khan Niazi is confused about what she wants to be in life, successful or happy? Right now she is neither. Just Kidding, she is VERY happy. Because she is 30, single and an independent businesswoman. A rarity in Pakistan. Which also means she has made some enemies on the way. Like Mrs. Khan and her phupos – all 9 of them. 


Annie Shamim

Annie Shamim gives you some takehome tips on how to inspect a husband through a bit of housework. Being a point five married woman herself, she’s able to give you an insight on post-marriage matters, animals and pretty much anything.

Annie wants to live in a world with no visas, and Wednesdays off. OK, half days at least.  As a comedienne, she started performing with the Auratnaak – Pakistans first all-female stand-up troupe for over 3 years and with other platforms.