Stop blaming Pakistan for a homegrown Kashmir crisis: Shehla Rashid tells India

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NEW DELHI: Kashmiri activist-turned-politician Shehla Rashid has urged India to stop blaming Pakistan and Imran Khan for a homegrown mess in the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Shehla made the remarks in a tweet while referring to her interview in which she highlighted the grave humanitarian crisis in Kashmir.

“In which I highlight the grave humanitarian crisis that we’re faced with – undocumented arrests of thousands of people. I also highlight the need to stop blaming Pakistan for a homegrown mess. Let’s not blame Imran Khan for a mess created by Modi-Shah-Doval trio,” she tweeted.

“One of the biggest problems being seen in Kashmir was undocumented arrests. In future, they can claim that they were not behind the arrests,” Shehla noted.

Commenting about her petition being heard by the Indian Supreme Court, the activist said that her party would take the matter till the end.

“I hope that the Supreme Court will consider our arguments. In our view, it is open and shut case. And we have solid arguments,” she said.

She also deplored the culture of blaming Pakistan for the crisis created by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team.

“Pakistan has nothing to do with the scrapping of Kashmir’s autonomy. This is a wrong culture,” she said.

The politician activist also criticized media for siding with the Indian government instead of questioning its actions.