Sohai Ali Abro’s latest photoshoot with headscarf angers netizens

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Pakistani actress Sohai Ali Abro’s latest photoshoot with a headscarf on has angered netizens who voiced their dissent at the way she was dressed.

Sohai Ali Abro’s latest photoshoot with a headscarf on has gone viral on the internet. However, most netizens have taken exception to the fact that the actress has not fully covered herself.

Here’s what some people had to say about the ‘bold’ photoshoot.

“Our society is already so polluted.So our govt should take strict action against this volgarity and cheat our religion and should campeign save our child for going in this hell of fame.Allah Almigbty bless us with right ways of life,” commented one user.

“This kind of photoshoot should not be allowed in our society infect models should be restricted to this kind of photoshoot,” commented another user.

“This govt should take some action and draw some boundries.. After all we r abide by the social cultural norms of this country and govt has to take an action now.. Aab buhut hogi,” wrote a third.

Sohai is not the only actress that has faced such anger recently. Fans took exception to photoshoots by Ayesha Omar, Saboor Aly and Mahira Khan in recent times.

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