Shireen Mazari slams Pakistan daily over ‘offensive’ Imran Khan cartoon

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Human Rights Minister Shreen Mazari lashed out at a local English daily for an “offensive, over the top and downright insulting” cartoon on Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Mazari called for some decency and respect for Prime Minister Khan.

“Cartoon today in Express Tribune is offensive, over the top & downright insulting. U can have your criticism of the PM but some basic norms of decency & respect should be shown or does hatred overrule decent journalistic bounds? Shameful. Fahad Hussain. Didn’t expect this from u!,” she tweeted.

She also denounced the cartoonist, saying his hate-filled mind was unable to understand the situation on Kashmir.

“Trump repeatedly wants to mediate & Modi finds himself in uncertain terrain despite the Howdy bonhommie. Seems PM IK’s straight talk in NYC has upset ET!,” she added.

The minister later tendered an apology, saying the cartoon was published in The Nation but she stood by her statement.