Shireen Mazarai seeks apology from Reuters India for misquoting PM Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari called for an apology from Reuters India for misquoting Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding Pakistan’s use of nuclear weapons.

In a series of tweets late Monday night, Ms Mazari said that Prime Minister Khan’s speech at the International Sikhs Convention had nothing to do with no-first use policy.

“Seriously some of our journos shd stop believing whatever Indian media says – PM stated categorically that Pakistan and India were both nuclear armed states & a couple of sentences later he said Pakistan would NEVER START A WAR with India. Nothing to do with NFU at all!,” she wrote.

“So where is the nuclear sabre rattling? In fact his whole statement was to the contrary! Unfortunate how wrong conclusions are jumped to – esp when they are premised on Indian delib disinformation!,” she added.

The rights minister blamed Rueters India for causing the confusion.

“The PM was crystal clear in what he said. It was Reuters India that deliberately distorted his words – or maybe they translated – but this is dangerous and irresponsible of @ReutersIndia on such a serious issue. They need to apologise and accept their error,” she demanded.

Earlier, Foreign Office spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal said that there was no change in Pakistan’s policy on use of nuclear weapons.

“Prime Minister’s comments on Pakistan’s approach towards conflict between two nuclear armed states is being taken out of context,” Dr Faisal said in a statement.

“While conflict should not take place between two nuclear states, there’s no change in Pakistan’s nuclear policy,” he added.