Shehzad Roy speaks out against dress code order for KP schoolgirls

Young boys are also sexually harassed--will we then start covering them as well, he asks.

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Pakistani singer and educationist Shehzad Roy has spoken out against the order by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to ensure female students wear the veil.

The singer took to Twitter and questioned whether young boys should also be made to cover up since they are also sexually abused.

“What about young boys. They are also sexually abused … so should we cover them and send them to schools? It’s about time that we strengthen our child protection unit in provinces and teach ‘life skill based education learning’ LSBE Cirriculum in our schools,” he tweeted.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had issued an order a few days ago, making in necessary for female students of secondary and higher secondary educational institutions to wear the veil.

The government defended its move, claiming that it was to protect women from ‘unethical incidents’ indirectly referring to harassment. On Monday morning, the district education officer of Peshawar issued a circular to the heads of all schools to implement the order.

“Properly follow school timings and instruct all students to wear the gown/chador to veil/conceal/cover up themselves in order to protect them from any unethical incident. The matter may be treated as most urgent important and important,” read the circular.

The decision was slammed by social rights activists until the chief minister reversed his order.
According to Dawn, elementary and secondary education Arshid Khan was told by the chief minister himself to withdraw the order as it was issued unnecessarily.