Police impose section 144 on Clifton beach after Shaniera Akram highlights medical waste problem

Police cordon off affected area, impose section 144 for safety of the residents

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KARACHI: Former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram’s wife Shaniera wants Clifton beach to be closed for the public so long as it remains contaminated.

A few hours after Shaniera’s tweets went viral, police announced that section 144 had been imposed in the affected area and the beach had been closed for public.

Taking to Twitter, Shaniera shared photos and pictures of her visit to Clifton beach in Karachi. The actress shows syringes and other waste lying idle on the beach.

Shaniera called for a state of emergency to be imposed on the beach and asked authorities to have the beach cleaned by professionals before it is opened for the public.

“There is kilometres of medical waste including hundreds of open needle syringes amongst other things, that has come in from the ocean. Clifton beach, at this moment, is extremely dangerous and needs to be shut down,” she tweeted.