Saba Qamar talks about a man she loved who married someone else

Believe it or not, Saba Qamar once fell in love with a model who married someone else

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Pakistani actress Saba Qamar recently spoke about a man she fell in love with but unfortunately, couldn’t marry.

Speaking at the Munshi Show, Saba Qamar talked about a model she was in love with. However, according to the actress, she didn’t like it when the man got married to someone else.

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“I told a friend of mine it doesn’t feel good when I see him with someone else,” she said. “My friend asked me why. I told her because he used to be with me–he was my love but is now with someone else,” she added.

Saba then said that her friend advised her not to harbour such feelings.

“My friend said that love is not about giving–if you truly love someone, then be happy for him/her. The other girl he married is also giving him love. So be happy for them. That was the moment I decided that this was right,” she added.

When quizzed by Momin Munshi, Saba refused to disclose his name.

“Yes, he was from the showbiz industry. He got married several years ago. He even has a kid now! I won’t take his name,” she said.

What do you think about Saba Qamar and her love life? Any guesses who the model could be? Do let us know in the comments section.