Saba Qamar finally responds to rumours of doing Kulbhushan movie

Saba Qamar & Shamoon Abbasi both have clarified on whether they are part of a Kulbhushan movie or not

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Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has finally responded to rumours that she was doing a movie that featured on the life of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.

Taking to Twitter, the actress denied that she was involved in a project that focused on Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. She urged an online publication to stop spreading fake news about her since the only movie she was doing at the time was Kamli with Sarmad Khoosat.

“It’s always so funny to know that behind my back, I have signed another film that even I am not aware of!” the Baaghi star shared. “Honestly, if I do a film, I will tell all of you myself. That’s what I am here for. I am only doing Kamli for now, so stop posting fake news for the sake of ratings only!” she tweeted.

The digital platform, Entertainment Pakistan, said that they had received confirmation from three sources that Saba was doing the movie.

Pat came the response from the actress, claiming that they had not received any from her hence it was false news.

“I’m denying this publicly because my name was used publicly without my consent for a project I’m not even a part of,” she tweeted.

Saba is not the only one. Actor Shamoon Abbasi also denied speculation that he was starring in the film and urged producers to ask actors before confirming any news to bloggers and journalists.

Well, we certainly hope some clarity was achieved on the matter!