Reham makes fun of PM Khan’s ‘Kashmir Hour’ initiative

Prime Minister Khan's former wife also bashed him on an Indian channel, praised Modi's 'active diplomacy'

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Journalist, anchor and former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Reham Khan slammed her ex-husband, making fun of his ‘Kashmir Hour’ initiative.

Reham Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was a ‘selected and installed’ prime minister. She said that Khan had not been able to understand Modi’s Article 370 move as he was not prepared for it.

“You didn’t know that it was in Modi’s manifesto that he would abrogate Article 370,” she said. “You were not prepared for it, you hadn’t even watched an interview of his.”

Reham said that Prime Minister Khan and the government had panicked when Modi took the crucial decision. She said that while the Indian prime minister was going from one country to another, practicing ‘active diplomacy’, Khan was tweeting for Kashmir.

“Even if Prime Minister Khan decides to stand up for half an hour for any issue, that alone, is a big statement,” she said.

Reham said that Pakistanis had been brainwashed with the notion since the very beginning that Kashmir was part of the country.

“The slogan ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’ has always been used by politicians to grab power and use it for votes,” she said.