Stop being upset with me: Reema appeals to Meera

Reema was responding to Meera's claims that she had always hindered her career

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Pakistani actress Reema Khan urged her colleague and long-time rival Meera to stop being upset with her, during a recent interview.

Reema was talking about Meera in an interview when she appealed to the latter to stop hating her or being upset with her.

“I think of Meera as a sister. She should stop being upset with me as I consider her like my sister. She is a good actress and is a respectable personality,” she said.

Reema said that Meera had not given trouble to any other actress in the industry and did not stop any other actress from growing in her career.

Reema was responding to actress Meera’s claims that the former had made life difficult for her during the early days of Meera’s career.

The two are considered Pakistan’s most prolific actresses and have often traded barbs with each other over the years.

In February of this year, Meera said that Reema was jealous of her. She had abused Reema at a Lahore Press Club event in front of colleagues and had claimed that Reema had ‘elbowed’ her.

“Reema is jealous due to my popularity and professional work. She started a propaganda against me, along with singer Waris Baig. She lets other people speak ill of me and purposely damages my reputation,” she had accused.

Meera had also indirectly accused Reema of poisoning her a few years ago.