Rabi Pirzada tells Punjab Wildlife Department to go to hell

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Pakistani singer and TV personality Rabi Pirzada took to Instagram and slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a ‘kutta’ (dog).

Shortly after the video was released, the celebrity also took a jibe at the Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department, which recently initiated legal action against her for keeping exotic animals including an alligator, four pythons and snakes as pets at her beauty salon in the city.

In a statement earlier today, the actress referred to the Wildlife Protection Department as fake.

She went on to call them friends of the Indian premier and reiterated her statement from her recent video in which she called Modi a ‘kutta’.

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The wildlife department had issued a challan against Rabi for keeping exotic animals in her salon. Rabi shot a video with snakes and even a crocodile, threatening Modi that her animals would ‘feast’ on him.

According to DG Wildlife Protection, keeping exotic animals including alligators, pythons, snakes and other reptiles as pets was a violation of the Wildlife Act.

According to the official, these animals fell under the Third Schedule of the Wildlife Act. Rabi could face a two-year imprisonment term for keeping the animals in her salon.

He said Rabi would have to hand over all these animals to the Wildlife Protection Department.