Rabi Pirzada likens Modi to a dog in latest video message

Rabi Pirzada takes on Modi as well as the wildlife department in her Instagram post

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Pakistani singer and TV personality Rabi Pirzada took to Instagram and slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, likening him to a dog.

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Taking to Instagram, Rabi called out the wildlife department for keeping exotic animals at her Lahore salon.
However, it was the way Rabi started off the video which grabbed eyeballs. The singer slammed Indian Prime Minister Modi, likening him to a dog.


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بھارتی وزیر اعظم مودی کہ خلاف گانا گانے پر وائلڈ لائف نے چلان بھیجا ۔:میں کشمیری ہوں اور ایسی حرکتوں سے نا گھبرائوں گی نا ڈروں گی مجھے کشمیر سے پیار ہے۔انڈین فلم انڈسٹری کی فلم سائن کرنے والی خبریں بھی حقیقت پر مبنی نہیں:میں اندین موویز میں کام تو دور ان کو دیکھنا تک پسند نہیں کرتی ۔مجھے مودی سے اس لئے دشنی ہے کیونکہ وہ انسانیت کا دشمن ہے, and kindly share the video so they know, i am not threatened by any inside or outside enemy, I am daughter of a soldier and i know how to fight for my rights and land, Modi kutta hai, #chotisibaat Watch complete video on my YouTube

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In another video, the actress sang a song for occupied Kashmir. In the lengthy caption of the video, Rabi once again called Modi a dog.

The wildlife department had issued a challan against Rabi for keeping exotic animals in her salon. Rabi shot a video with snakes and even a crocodile, threatening Modi that her animals would ‘feast’ on him.

According to various media reports, the singer can possibly do jail time for illegally keeping exotic animals.

DG Wildlife Protection Sohail Ashraf told an English daily that keeping exotic animals such as alligators, pythons, snakes and other reptiles as pets was a violation of the Wildlife Act.

According to the official, these animals fell under the Third Schedule of the Wildlife Act. Rabi could face a two-year imprisonment term for keeping the animals in her salon.

He said Rabi would have to hand over all these animals to the Wildlife Protection Department.