After snakes & a crocodile, Rabi Pirzada ‘prepares’ a lion for Modi

Rabi Pirzada warns Modi that her lion would devour him like he's feasting on Kashmir

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LAHORE: Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada continues to defy the wildlife department, this time ‘preparing’ a lion for Indian Prime Minister Modi, on Tuesday.

Rabi Pirzada got into trouble with the wildlife department for keeping exotic animals in her Lahore salon. The singer can be imprisoned for a term of two years, according to the wildlife department.

However, Rabi continued to defy the wildlife department and challenged Modi again. However, this time around, she upped her game and brought more than snakes and a crocodile.

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This time around, it was a lion. She also slammed Lahore’s wildlife department, stating that their ‘fake allegations’ couldn’t keep her passion for Kashmir from burning out.

“Dear Modi and your hidden friends in Pakistan, after those EXOTIC animals, here i present you Lion, it will devour you the way you are trying to feast on Kashmir. My passion for Kashmir can’t be controlled by your fake allegations wildlife lahore, and i am not in some jail, i am preparing more gifts for Modi… #modihitler #chotisibaat,” she said.